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Avanti Nano-Titanium Ceramic Silver Digital Flat Iron (1-3/8" inch) AVCROC - NEW 2017 MODEL

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Brand new and improved for 2017. The AV-CROC Nano-Titanium Flat Iron has all the latest technologies - guaranteed to exceed your expectations. This updated model has various improved features.
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AV-CROC Nano-Titanium Flat Iron has all the latest technologies - guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Its Nano-Titanium material makes it one of the lightest flat iron on the market. Its Nano-Ceramic technology and built in ion generator engineers precise heat distribution and emits 5 million negative ions per cubic cm to ensure a smooth, healthy, silky and professional finish result.  Its Nano-Silver technology acts as a germicide to kill many bacterias on the appliance to promote a germ free sanitary environment for your salon or home. The AVCROC is also able to heat up to 430F in under 30 seconds and you're able to monitor the temperature with the built in Adjustable Digital Temperature Display. With all these features performing at its best, Flat Iron Beauty definitely considers this flat iron as one of the best on the market.


 Ceramic Technology
Ceramic plates are crafted to help achieve a smooth, healthy looking hair result. By using ceramic heaters, it emits negative ions to retain maximum hair moisture and to promote a frizz free hair experience. It also features far infrared heat, which is the most gentle hair heating method. It's invisible to the naked eye, deeply penetrates hair and most importantly, doesn't possess any harmful UV rays. Ceramic plates retain heat more efficiently, while distributing heat equally across its surface to prevent hair burns from hot spots. 

Nano-Silver Technology
Nano-silver particles are embedded in the flat iron plates to inhibit bacterial growth. Silver compounds and ions are known to kill over 650 types of bacteria and also has a strong purifying effect on microbial organisms . This is the perfect feature for stylists and those who share their flat irons with family or house mates. 

Nano-Titanium Technology
High grade nano-titanium plates add shine to the hair and exhibit a healthier hair result. It evenly spreads heat across the surface to prevent damaging hot spots, while enabling maximum output of negative ions to promote a healthy styling experience. Negative ions neutralize the positive charge of damaged hair, creating a sleek look and eliminating frizz by closing hair follicles and smoothing the shafts.

Ionic / Negative Ion Technology: Negative ions are atoms that can stop the growth of bacteria, fungi, etc., resulting in healthier hair and scalp as it's Antibacterial. Negative ion energy is powerful enough to break apart clusters of water molecules. The smaller water molecules penetrate into the hair shaft by slipping between the cuticles, adding plumpness/volume to hair. The bombardment of negative ions also closes the hair cuticle, which is very good for the health and appearance of the hair.

Far Infrared Heat : Far Infrared (FIR) rays are electro-magnetic waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, capable of penetrating deep into the human body, including the hair shaft. It therefore dries the hair from the inside out. The result is that more moisture remains in the hair shaft and there is less damage to the hair.


  • Narrow 1-3/8" plates with "surround" heat offer versatility for creating a variety of styles
  • Advanced digital displays and controls
  • High heat (up to 450F) dries and styles hair SUPER QUICKLY!
  • Far-infrared heat and millions of negative ions minimize damage to hair while conditioning it.
  • Nano-ceramic element heats up quickly, maintains stable high temperatures and cools down rapidly.
  • New and unique ergonomic design is lightweight and strain-free.
  • Cutting-edge digital temperature controls are strategically located to prevent accidental activation.
  • Nano-technology is applied to three powerful materials (titanium, ceramic and silver) in Avanti Ultra's two new CROC flat irons, making them the top of the line for performance and speed.
  • Built-in turbo ion generator emits 5 million negative ions per cubic centimeter.
  • Nano-titanium in the plates is an exceptional conductor of heat and maintains stability at ultra-high temperatures. Nano-titanium emits negative ions in their most beneficial form and yields far-infrared heat for faster straightening and protection from damage.
  • Nano-silver infused in the housing and plates combats germs and is effective in conditioning the hair.
  • Nano-ceramic emits negative ions in the largest quantity possible, quickly sealing the cuticle layer and eliminating frizz for smooth, silky hair. Maximum far infrared heat is released, penetrating the hair from within for gentle styling without damage.
  • 360 degree swivel cord
  • Universal Voltage
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Made in Korea

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